Glossary of Terms

Artillery – large bore guns (cannons) served by a crew of men; also, a branch of the army that was equipped with artillery.

Casualties – a military personnel lost through death, wounds, injury, sickness, internment, or capture or through being missing in action.

Charge – to rush forward in attack.

Command Structure – the composition of the army; see Appendix A: Organization of the Union and Confederate Armies.

Contingent – a detachment of troops from the main body.

Corps – (pronounced like "core") part of the command structure of the army; a tactical unit usually consisting of two or more divisions and auxiliary arms and services.

Earthworks – an embankment or other construction made of earth used as a field fortification.

Field Hospital – a temporary hospital established near a battle line to treat and stabilize wounded soldiers before transport to permanent hospitals elsewhere.

Invalid Corps – a segment of the army staffed by individuals who were not able to participate in active duty due to injury or illness but were able to perform desk duties, guard duties or other light duties.

Naval Stores – products (tar, turpentine, pitch, and rosin) obtained from pine trees.

Wing – the left or right section of an army.