Spring Heirloom Apple Sale

Saturday, March 20, 2021 •  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  •  Horne Creek Farm Visitor Center
red apples on tree branchTrees are available on both B9 rootstock (grows to 6-10 ft. tall) and G202 rootstock (grows to 12-16 ft. tall).   All trees are grafted from cuttings taken from the Southern Heritage Apple Orchard and, as such, are duplicates of the heirloom trees in the orchard. For more information about the various apple varieties listed below, visit the Apple Index.
$22.50 each. Limit of 5 trees per family. 

Cash, check, Visa or Master Card accepted. No call-in orders prior to the sale will be taken.

The site does not ship trees.

Varieties available on B9 Rootstock: Dog lying in front of apple trees in black pots

  • Arkansas Black (5)
  • Black Sapp
  • Clapper Flat
  • Esopus Spitzenburg
  • Henry Clay
  • Improved Winter Jon
  • Jonalicious
  • Junaluska
  • Langdon
  • Lewis Green (2)
  • Paducah
  • Pumpkin Sweet
  • Reasor Green
  • Red Beitingheimer
  • Sam Hunt
  • Sam Whitson
  • Summer Banana
  • Swiss Limbertwig
  • Wallace Howard


Varieties available on G202 Rootstock: 

  • Accordian
  • Atha
  • Bald Mountain
  • Beecher
  • Blue Ridge King
  • Bushy Top
  • Caney Fork Limbertwig
  • Cherryville Black
  • Clark
  • Crow Egg
  • Curtis
  • Disharoon
  • Dula Beauty
  • Durham
  • Early Harvest
  • Fall Premium
  • Golden Harvest
  • Harris
  • Holland
  • Hoover
  • Isam
  • July-August-Go-No-Further 
  • Jimbo
  • Jonalicious
  • June Sweet
  • King David
  • Lewis Green
  • Mrs. Bryan
  • Old English Milam
  • Opalescent
  • Pennock
  • Rawley
  • Ruby Limbertwig
  • Schuler
  • Shenandoah
  • Shockley
  • Silver Hull
  • Spencer Seedless
  • Sugar Apple
  • Swiss Limbertwig
  • William’s Favorite
  • Winter Pound
  • Wolf River

All proceeds from the sale of the apple trees will be used specifically for the benefit of the Southern Heritage Apple Orchard. 

Customers are encouraged to know and follow the Ws: Wear a cloth face mask over your nose and mouth, wait six feet apart, and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

For more information about the Spring Apple Tree Sale, call 336-325-2298. For more information on specific apple varieties listed here, visit the Apple Index.