Capitol Architecture

Capitol Architecture: Greek Revival Style

The State Capitol is built in Greek Revival style architecture. This style was very popular in America during the 1830s and 1840s when the Capitol was being built. Americans wanted to mimic or copy the architecture of the Greeks because they admired the Grecian form of democracy. Greek Revival architecture emphasizes simplicity and symmetry. Pictured below are several architectural features which characterize Greek Revival architecture. When you visit the Capitol, look for these features on the exterior and interior of the building.

Type of Columns

doric column


ionic column


Corinthian column


Portico (Porch with columns)


Pediment (Section above columns)


Frieze (Ornamental part of the pediment)

Pilaster (a square or round column attached to a wall)


Dome with Anthemion Crown (Crown with flower design)

dome with crown