As You Listen

As you listen to the video, answer the following questions. If you are able to visit the Capitol, include your answers in a journal/photo journal. Be creative and add drawings or photos to supplement your answers to these questions.

  1. Why was Raleigh chosen to be the permanent seat of government?
  2. What structure stood on Union Square before the Capitol was built? What happened to it?
  3. List the architects and builders of the Capitol.
  4. When did construction begin on the Capitol?
  5. How did the builders of the Capitol get the stone from the quarry to this building?
  6. In 1840 what was the final cost of the Capitol?
  7. What is unique about the statue of George Washington in the Rotunda? Why do you think it looks this way?
  8. Which branch of government has offices on the first floor of the Capitol? Who in that branch works in the Capitol?
  9. When did the last session of the General Assembly meet in the Capitol? Why did the legislators move to a new building?
  10. How is the House of Representatives arranged? Why?
  11. What were the third floor rooms used for in the 1800s?

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