Africa to Carolina Meeting: Plymouth

Event Description

The "Africa to Carolina" initiative serves to identify, acknowledge, and mark sites in North Carolina where enslaved Africans disembarked directly from the African Continent. 

During "Africa to Carolina" meetings, we expect to share more information about the initiative and to gather feedback, suggestions, and general expectations about the initiative from local communities. We will also explore local connections to the slave trade and enslaved peoples’ disembarkation, and engage in a meaningful discussion about the legacies of, and commemoration around, U.S. slavery in North Carolina. Meeting participants can expect to encounter several questions for consideration, including:  

  1. How has North Carolina been shaped by the experience of enslaved people from this port?
  2. What impact does the legacy of slavery continue to have in North Carolina?
  3. Where does our community go from here?

Meetings are free and open to the public.