Canceled-Damned Roguery: Hillsborough Riot 250th Anniversary

Event Description

This event is canceled!  On September 26th the Alliance for Historic Hillsborough and Alamance Battleground State Historic Site will partner on an event to mark the 250th anniversary of the Regulator uprising here in Hillsborough. The event will feature living history demonstrations, guided tours, and a Regulator-themed pub crawl.  In September 1770, a group of disgruntled North Carolinians who identified themselves as Regulators descended on the town of Hillsborough with the purpose of disrupting the Superior Court session. The courtroom "filled as close as one man could stand by another" with Regulators, all armed with "clubs, others with Whips and Switches." The crowd was described as "drunk with rage, liquor, and lawless fury," and the damage they did led to the violent end of the Regulator movement at the Battle of Alamance. Come to Hillsborough on September 26, 2020 to observe the 250th anniversary of the Hillsborough Riot with special tours and programs, including an evening pub crawl. Ticket prices and ordering information will be added soon.