Traveling Exhibit: Memorable Sands at Historic Edenton

Event Description

"Memorable Sands: Beaches of Northeast North Carolina and Southeast Virginia" features images from African American beaches in the region including Chowan Beach in Hertford County, Bias and Hargraves Beaches in Currituck County, Bogues Beach in Pasquotank County and Seaview Beach in Virginia. During the hot days of summer, thousands of local residents and visitors gather at regional beaches and swimming holes to cool off. In the early to mid-1900s, beaches were segregated with white and African American beach-goers sharing the same water, but not the same sand. Segregation had denied ethnic groups, such as African Americans and American Indians, access to public beaches. As a result, members of these communities began to develop their own in the late 1920s. Throughout the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, summer at these beaches meant a time and place where visitors could socialize, relax, swim, picnic, enjoy music, and take part in other various recreational activities. Memorable Sands seeks to capture these memories and share them for all to enjoy. The exhibit will be located in the Historic Edenton Visitor's Center at 108 N. Broad Street, Edenton and will be open 9-5 Tue-Sat.