Post-visit Activities

  1. Visit the web page for the Historic Stagville Foundation's virtual tour. Have students study the photos provided of the Bennehan House and Horton Grove. Have students write an essay, comparing the lifestyle of the Bennehan-Cameron family and that of the enslaved community living at Horton Grove.
  2. Genealogy is the study of a person's family tree, that is, the family's descent from an ancestor. The extensive record left by the Bennehans and Camerons allow researchers to conduct genealogy studies not only of those two families, but also on the enslaved community at Stagville. Have students conduct their own genealogy research on their family.
  3. The Supplemental Lesson Plan: Stagville Slave Narratives can be used as a post-visit activity.
  4. Have students answer the Post-Visit Questions [PDF] to assess their comprehension of the information shared at the site.