Site Rules and Regulations

North Carolina Division of State Historic Sites and Properties

Thank you for visiting a North Carolina State Historic Site.  For your safety, enjoyment, and the preservation of this site’s natural, historical and cultural resources we ask that you abide by the following rules:

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless permitted for special events.    

Please only drive and park only in designated areas.

Smoking or the use of an open flame is not allowed in the visitor center, historic buildings or exhibit areas.  Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.

Animals are not allowed in visitor centers, museums or historic structures, unless the animal qualifies as a service animal under federal or State law.

Firearms and other weapons are prohibited except those used in invited special programmatic purposes, and those with a proper permit may possess a concealed handgun in permitted areas and under the requirements of N.C. 14-415.11.  All firearms and weapons are prohibited in visitor centers, museums and historic structures.

Food and beverages, except those under permitted activities, are not allowed in historic structures.

Metal Detectors and other subsurface probes are not allowed in any historic site except to locate lost property when authorized by a Special Activity Permit.

Please do not cross barriers, railing, fences, barricades, or marked safety perimeters intended for the protection of artifacts, features, buildings, landscapes or the safety of visitors. 

Park visitors are prohibited from ascending or taking off within or upon any state historic site grounds or water surface, of any airplane, flying machine (including drones, UAS, quadcopters), balloon, parachute, glider, hang glider, or other apparatus for aviation. 

Additionally, State Law prohibits persons from launching or recovering any unmanned aircraft systems from state property without consent.

Possessing or using fireworks, explosives or lethal projectile-firing devices are prohibited.

The removal, destruction or injury of any artifact, tree, flower, plant, rock or other plant or mineral at any historic site is prohibited unless with an approved collection permit for scientific or educational purposes.

Hunting and fishing and other activities intended to injure or destroy wildlife is prohibited. 

Please dispose of trash, garbage, waste water in appropriate receptacles.  Littering is illegal. 

The advertising, promotion, or solicitation of a product, service, candidate, charity or cause is prohibited.  

Swimming, wading or bathing is not allowed, except in designated areas during posted times.

When visiting a state historic site, a person may not disobey an order of a site manager or other site employee when that order is related to the preservation of historical material, the protection of property, or the safety, well-being or access of the visiting public, staff, or volunteers.