Plan Your Visit

Orchard Rules

  1. Please check in at the Horne Creek Farm Visitor Center prior to visiting the orchard. A staff members must be present in the orchard with visitors. 

  2. Please call before your visit to ensure the orchard is accessible, that a specific variety of apple or tree is available, or to schedule a tour: 336-325-2298.

  3. Do not eat apples from the trees or pick up apples off the ground. 

  4. Only the Southern Heritage Apple Orchard’s horticulturist and trained Horne Creek Farm staff may cut scionwood in the orchard.

  5. Do not drink from any of the water faucets or hand pumps.

  6. No smoking in the orchard.

  7. Do not remove tags on the trees growing in the orchard or from the trees available for purchase. 

  8. No unaccompanied children. 

  9. No pets other than service dogs are allowed in the orchard. Horne Creek Farm has a kennel and several animal crates available for your pet’s comfort. 

  10. Do not climb or swing from trees, machinery, vehicles, or fencing.

  11. Please do not enter any area marked as closed to the public. 

  12. Please do not throw, smash, or play with apples.

  13. Do not swat at bees, Yellow Jackets, Japanese Hornets, and other orchard insects.  

  14. Put all trash in appropriate trash receptacles.

  15. Photography is allowed, but should not interfere with the enjoyment of other guests.

  16. Professional photography is also allowed. Those interested may contact Horne Creek Farm to obtain a permit. A fee of $25.00 is charged for photography sessions in the orchard during hours of operation. After-hours photography sessions are charged at a higher rate.