For Educators


Visitor Center / Orientation Film

The visitor center has several exhibits covering the history of North Carolina mining including actual gold nuggets, mining machinery and gold related artifacts. The 10-minute orientation film, Carolina Gold, is shown for all groups throughout the day.

Guided Tour

30-minute guided tour of Little Meadow Creek and the underground mine. For groups with multiple classes, each tour will start every 10 minutes. Tour tickets for the underground mine are $2.14 for visitors 13 and older, $1.07 for visitors aged 5-12, and visitors under 5 will be free. Any adult or sibling that is part of the group and wishes to tour the underground mine must purchase tour tickets for themselves inside the Visitor Center.

Upper Hill Workings

After exiting the mine, groups can continue to the top of Upper Hill to see the headframe above Morgan Shaft, Engine Shaft and the foundation and chimney of the Mill House. 

Stamp Mill

The 1898 10-Stamp Mill is operated daily between April 1 and October 31, pending mechanical issues. This mill, from the Coggins Mine in Montgomery County, is like the original Reed mill, since both were made by the Mecklenburg Iron Works in Charlotte. Stamp mills crushed the quartz and mixed with water before trapping the gold along the copper plates or in the con concentrating table ridges. 

Gold Panning

Child groups 8 years old or older and adult groups can try their luck finding gold in the panning area beside Little Meadow Creek. Panning is available between April 1 and October 31, weather permitting. Panning tickets are $2 per pan per person, plus tax if applicable. Panning demonstrations are available for groups with children up to 7 years old or adult groups unable to pan. Cost is $5.00 for groups up to 30 people. 

Picnic Area

A picnic area is available on a first come, first served basis for groups wanting to eat lunch or snacks while on site. 

Gift Shop

The site offers a small gift shop for groups wanting to purchase souvenirs of their visit. For larger groups, a limit of 10 people at a time will be instituted due to space limitations. Prices range from 50 cents to $20.00 for most items. Along with cash, VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER are accepted for payment.

The expected time for groups to visit Reed Gold Mine range from 2 to 3 hours, depending on activities chosen during their experience.



Panning Demonstrations

Reed staff can set up a portable panning demonstration showing how miners worked the dirt to sift out the gold. Demonstrations can be held indoors or outdoors, just need a close water supply. These demonstrations must be reserved at least two (2) weeks of the activity date. Panning Demonstrations are $5.00 for groups of 30 people. 

Panning Activity

Reed staff can set up portable panning troughs to allow children 8 and older or adults to pan for gold. Site staff will help panners providing instructions for those who have never participated in this activity. Due to site guidelines, this activity charges $2 per person or a flat fee can be determined based on expected number of participants. This activity must be reserved at least two (2) weeks of the scheduled date. A deposit may be required depending on the size of the event.

School / Civic Group Presentation

Reed staff, pending availability, can visit civic group meetings or schools for gold mining presentations. These can be given to individual classes or multiple ones in an auditorium. Reed does not charge a fee for these presentations which last 30-45 minutes and can include mining related items for display.

Group Reservations