Homeschool Education Week!

antique school desk

Mark your calendars, homeschoolers, because Somerset Place is proud to offer a Homeschool Education Week from April 7 - 11, 2020 (except for April 10, Good Friday), with the program beginning at 10:00 am each day and lasting for about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Our new homeschool program, Education on an Antebellum Plantation, will teach students about what education was like in the 1840s at Somerset Place and will include an abbreviated guided tour of reconstructed and original site buildings.  The program will engage students with the question, "Who was educated, and how were they educated?" Students will explore how Josiah Collins III's six sons were educated in the onsite boarding school.  They will learn to use an abacus, and perfect their spelling of 19th century words.  In the enslaved community, students will gather at the foundation of the Lake Chapel, the Episcopal Church constructed in the 1830s.  Students will understand how enslaved children learned the catechism by memorizing through question and answer. Students will also engage with how older members of the enslaved community, such as Suckey Davis, passed knowledge down to the younger generations through storytelling.

This program is geared toward elementary- to middle-school-aged students.   Homeschool families may sign up for these timeslots by calling or emailing Somerset at 252-379-6020 or

The fee for this program is $2.15 per participant.