Somerset Place Black History Month Outreach

artifacts on a table

The history of Somerset Place and Somerset’s Made From Off the Land outreach exhibit will be presented off-site during several Black History Month programs throughout the local community in February.  Somerset’s  Made From Off the Land is an outreach program of Somerset Place State Historic Site designed to describe some organic objects made and used by former enslaved and employed white families living at Somerset Place Plantation in 1843.  These objects may include gourd bowls, drinking dippers, sponges, ladles, drums and spoons.  Other items will include sedge baskets and brooms, black gum chewing sticks, corn husk dolls and mats that were used in everyday living on the antebellum plantation.  A Historic Interpreter dressed in period clothing will discuss the exhibit.


This outreach exhibit will be offered off-site, Tuesday through Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm. To schedule the outreach program at your school, church or organization, reservations may be made by calling Somerset Place at (252) 379-6020.