Reed Gold Mine Pan-O-Lympics Gold Panning Competition

Man panning for gold

Event Description

People from across the state will be searching for gold at Reed Gold Mine’s 32nd annual Panning Competition! The event will be held from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday, September 18th.

Experienced gold panners and novices alike can compete in speed panning competitions near historic Little Meadow Creek, site of the first documented gold discovery in the United States. Competitors are issued gravity trap pans containing sand and four lead weights. They must remove as much sand as quickly as possible without losing any of the weights.

Both the Pro and Amateur Divisors will have a category for Adults (ages 15 and up) and for Juniors (ages 14 and under). How do you know whether to enter the Pro or Amateur division? Pros are contestants who have competed in any panning competitions during the previous two years.

Entry fees are $15 for Adult Pro and $10 for Junior Pro. Entry fees for Adult Amateur and Junior Amateur are $5. Fees can be paid by cash or personal check made out to “The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources” the day of the event. Competition times for each category will be announced closer to the event day. All proceeds from the Panning Competition directly benefit Reed Gold Mine.

Other activities will also be available, including a free self-guided tour of the Underground Mine, demonstrations of the 1895 Stamp Mill, as well as the orientation film and exhibits in the Visitor Center.

Weather permitting, panning for gold will also be available at set session times through the day. Tickets are $3.21 each, after tax. Children must be 8 and older to pan on their own, anyone younger than 8 must be partnered with an adult. Panning tickets are sold first come, first served.