"The Day Had Come" : Emancipation & Bennett Place


The Civil War surrender at the Bennett farmhouse sealed the fate of slavery in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida.  To cap off the 159th anniversary of the surrender, we're hosting a new event to commemorate slavery’s end and honor the 331,000+ enslaved men, women, and children in North Carolina at the time of the Civil War.  

331 luminaries will dot the historic Hillsboro Road on our grounds -- one for each 1,000 people enslaved in the state.  As you walk along the road, you'll hear stories about the enslaved and their lives as free people after the Civil War.  At the end of your path, pause to reflect on the incredible milestone of emancipation.

A commemoration ceremony will occur at approximately 7:45 p.m., with site staff providing a brief history of slavery and emancipation in our state.  Afterwards, historic sites staff and visitors are welcome to "light" LED candles in honor of the enslaved.


Accessibility Information: This event occurs outdoors on a grass field during twilight hours with minimal light after sunset.  Please note the Hillsboro Road trail retains water and may be muddy if we receive rain within a few days of the event.  The trail is about 150 yards in length with no seating available. Bennett Place restrooms include one stall with grab bars, but said stalls are not wide enough for a wheelchair to turn around in.