Historic Cooking Demonstration flier

Join Susie Worcester for a historic cooking demonstration at the President James K. Polk State Historic Site.

 One of the staples of backcountry life is growing your own food. Popular vegetables such as corn and cucumbers will be the focus of our cooking demo in August. We will explore how they were grown, possible varieties and growing tips. Our receipts will include roasted corn, parched corn, popcorn and receipts using corn meal. Try your hand at grinding corn. 

We will also share information about cucumbers, how they were grown and cook some great cucumber receipts such as forced cucumbers and ragooed cucumbers. Of course, it wouldn’t be summer without a batch of pickled cucumbers. We hope to see you in the Polk kitchen as we share the receipts and smells of the 18th century life during James K. Polk’s time. 

Receipts are from the following sources: 

  • “The Backcountry Housewife” by Kay Moss
  •  “American Frugal Housewife” by Mrs. Child
  •  “The Art of Cookery” by Hannah Glasse.