18th century Women

Life in a Month- Jemimah Merrill


Every Saturday in July Alamance Battleground is showing the life of Jemima Merrill. She was married to Benjamin Merrill, a Regulator who was hanged by Tryon, but lived a life of her own. Each week follows a theme around her life in an effort to tell the life story of a a regular person in the 18th century.  Each day will included living history programing and a timed talk about point in Jemima's life. The themes are, Birth, Purpose, Religion, and Death. Each day the site will have historically dress interpreters conducting activities related to the theme.  Also, each day at 11am and 2pm there will be timed talks that feature portions of Jemima's life around the theme of that day. These talks will connect with each other and in all will tell the life story of a ordinary person who lived 250 years ago. Please join us to elevate the ordinary and to learn about this important person.