Holding pan full of dirt over water filled trough

Reed Gold Mine Gold Panning Season Opens April 1


The Reed panning season opens April 1 and continues through October 31. Visitors 8 and older can purchase up to 2 panning tickets each to try their luck in the panning area. If a visitor is lucky enough to "strike it rich" and find gold, they will be allowed to take home an interesting souvenir.

Panning tickets are $3.21 each and are available every Tuesday through Saturday during regular business hours. Tickets are sold for specific time slots, beginning at 9:15 am and continuing through 4:00 pm. Each visitor over 8 years old can purchase up to 2 pans each during a specific time slot. Experienced staff will assist visitors with the panning process from start to finish, and each timed slot lasts 30 minutes.

Come visit Reed this season and find out if there is still "Gold in Them There Hills".