Chris Grimes dressed in a white coat and black tricorn hat, with a burnt orange vest

The Voice of Seaman and Pvt. Israel Pearce, Lecture at Somerset Place


*Event Update: This Lecture has been moved to Saturday, August 10th 1:30 pm. * Historian Chris Grimes will discuss Seaman/Pvt. Israel Pearce's life story while serving in the North Carolina Continental Line and how he advocated for himself as a veteran in the years after the American Revolution. Israel Pearce was a free person of color, who lived in Tyrrell County when he first enlisted, and a seaman aboard the Ship Caswell, which was in the Virginia Navy. He later served in the 10th Regiment of the North Carolina Continental Line and fought in important battles like the Siege of Charleston and the Battle of Camden. Fees - $5 for adults, and $2 for children.