Reenactor participation for this event is by invitation only. All reenactors must be registered in order to participate in the event. 



Site Coordinator- Frank McMahon

Military Coordinator- Luis Cruz

Civilian Coordinator- Amanda Brantley 


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Event guidelines have been complied by Historic Halifax. 

Read the guidelines in the Event Information. 


Any questions concerning guidelines need to directed to the related coordinator. 

Prelude to Revolution will focus on the beginning years of the American Revolution. The town of Halifax will be brought to life with the bustle of the 1770s. A military encampment will be established on the green in Historic Halifax. Vignettes involving delegates from the Provincial Congress, prisoners from Moore's Creek, and civilians around town will all be highlighted. An interpretive Market Square will be established where reenactors can "shop" for produce and goods with period currency as well as watch tradesmen showcase their skills. 


Scripted vignettes and historic weapons demonstrations are scheduled throughout the weekend.