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Battle of Averasboro March 15-16, 1865. Preservation efforts are ongoing at the site of this delaying action that helped set the stage for the March 19-21, 1865 Battle of Bentonville. The Averasboro battle site straddles today's Cumberland-Harnett County line on N.C. Hwy. 82, just west of I-95.

Teaching with Historic Places - National Register
The Battle of Bentonville: Caring for Casualties of the Civil War
By studying this new lesson plan on Bentonville, students will better understand how battlefield medical care developed during the Civil War, particularly in the Union Army. Written by former site manager John Goode and former N.C. Historic Sites curator of education Elaine Beck.

American Battlefield Protection Program
The National Park Service's battlefield preservation organization. ABPP has been involved with preserving the battlefield of Bentonville.

Virginia Center for Digital History
Promoting American history and culture via the World Wide Web.

Learning Network
New York Times on the Web
Connections for students, teachers, and parents. Grades 3-12.

Civil War Preservation Trust
America's largest non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of our nation's endangered Civil War battlefield lands. CWPT has been involved with preserving the battlefield of Bentonville.

National Historic Landmarks Program
Nationally significant historic places designated by the Secretary of the Interior because they possess exceptional value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States. Bentonville Battlefield is a National Historic Landmark.

United States Army Military History Institute
The USAMHI preserves the Army's history by ensuring access to historical research materials. It serves as the primary research facility for the historical study of the U.S. Army, in order to foster a greater understanding of the Army's role in our nation's history and in its future.

XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg
Near Fayetteville, N.C. - One of the finest military installations in the country. The cavalry battle at Monroe's Crossroads--between the forces of Wade Hampton and Judson Kilpatrick--occurred March 10, 1865, on what is now part of the Fort Bragg military reservation (no public access). Various units from Bragg have participated in special events at Bentonville over the years.