The Visitors Center features a short introductory video on the history of Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson, as well as a stunning museum displaying archaeological artifacts from the site’s historical layers of history. The original 2nd National Confederate Flag that flew over Fort Anderson during the Civil War was purchased and is now on display.

Today as the visitor walks around the site, one will see the archaeological ruins of the foundations of the colonial kitchens, home sites and various outbuildings that once stood as a colonial port town. The shell of the colonial church, St. Philips, stands majestically among the old trees. The town was destroyed by the British during the Revolutionary War and was never rebuilt. Confederate earthworks were built on top of the ruined town in 1862 and left abandoned in 1865. Today, because it has been left untouched, Fort Anderson stands as one of the most pristine intact coastal fortifications in the United States.

Outdoor exhibits, dotted along the ADA walkway, help give the visitor an understanding of the colonial town and the Civil War-era fort, and allow total access to the entire tour trail. Guided tours are available to groups, but should be schedule in advance.