Heavy Seacoast Weapons

Illustration of a Heavy Seacoast Gun Mounted en Barbette

8-inch Columbiad — Heavy weapons similar to this piece (front-pintle carriage, mounted en barbette) were stationed in the second gun chamber of Shepherd's Battery, on the land front of Fort Fisher.

Illustration of the top view of a Heavy Seacoast Gun Mounted en Barbette

Barbette Carriage — Top View.

Siege Weapons

illustration of a Parrott Rifle

4 ½-inch Parrott Rifle — A Parrott rifle, similar to the 30-pounder siege weapon pictured here, was stationed in the third gun chamber of Shepherd's Battery (together with an 8-inch columbiad).

illustration of a Coehorn Mortar

24-pounder Coehorn Mortar — Two of these small, hand-carried mortars were stationed on the land front of Fort Fisher: one each in the fifth and sixth gun chambers.

Field Artillery

illustration of  a 12 pounder Napoleon cannon

12-pounder Napoleon — Fort Fisher employed three fieldpieces similar to this Napoleon. Two were stationed in the center sally port, and one guarded the "Bloody Gate" at the River Road sally port. A Parrott rifle was also in position at the edge of the river marsh, near the gate.

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