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yellow apple with widespread red blush and rough tan skin around the stem

Description: Fruit above medium to large, roundish conical, often lopsided, flattened on the ends; skin partly to mostly covered in red with darker, broken red stripes; dots russet, some areole. Flesh yellowish, juicy, moderately crisp, subacid. Ripe September.

History: There are several different apples called Queen or having the word Queen in the apple’s name. This Queen comes from John Creech of Kentucky. It is a favorite for fresh eating.

Queen Pippin

red apple mottled with a small amount of yellow

Sold by two North Carolina nurseries from 1877 to 1895: “From western North Carolina. Large, roundish, slightly oblate; covered with red on greenish yellow; flesh yellow, fine-grained, rich. October-November.” Found by Tom Brown.