Somerset Names

Members of the Enslaved Community

"List of Negroes at Lake Phelps, July 1, 1839".
(282 names listed: 132 male and 150 female).

The first name listed is the enslaved person's name as listed by owner:
1. Moses Phelps
2. Young Moses (Moses Dickinson), purchased from Dr. Samuel Dickinson.
3. Peter Marsh (Peter Littlejohn Sr.), born on Littlejohn plantation, sold to King Luton, then to Cyrus Marsh, then to Josiah Collins.
4. Peter Elsy* (Peter Littlejohn Jr.), son of Peter and Elsy Littlejohn.
5. Peter Gaskins (Peter Dickinson), son of an enslaved woman listed as Lydia Gaskins who was originally held by Dr. Samuel Dickinson, sold to Gaskins, then to Collins.
6. Peter King (Peter Bennett), son of King and Mima Bennett.
7. Peter Mack (Peter Dixon [Dickinson]), son of Mack and Hannah Payne Dixon.
8. John Trotter, named Dave at birth, when his father John Trotter died in 1829, his name was changed to John.
9. Hamilton (John Hamilton Littlejohn), listed by his middle name.
10. John (John Harvey), son of Ishmael and Nancy Harvey.
11. Fred Blacksmith, a blacksmith by trade.
12. Fred Elsy* (Fred Littlejohn), son of Peter and Elsy Littlejohn.
13. Jack Swine (Jack Sawyer Sr.), a hog tender, purchased from Methias Sawyer.
14. Jack, Jr. (Jack Sawyer Jr.), son of Jack and Betty Sawyer.
15. Guinea Jack (Jack Collins), one of 80 enslaved persons brought from Africa to the plantation in 1786.
16. Jack Kit (Jack Jones), son of Chloe Payne, wife of Fred Blacksmith; Jack's father was an enslaved man named Kit.
17. Jack Caburrus, purchased from Stephen Caburrus.
18. Jack Baum (Jack Madison Baum)
19. Mary Nubel, father's name was Nubel.
20. Mazy (Mary Bennett Caburrus), daughter of Stephen and Eve Bennett, married Henry Caburrus.
21. Mary Newbern purchased from a Davis family in New Bern, N.C.
22. Mary Elsy* (Mary Littlejohn) daughter of Peter and Elsy Littlejohn.
23. Mary Swine (Mary Sawyer) daughter of Jack and Betty Sawyer.
24. Tilla (Matilda Collins Caburrus), daughter of Guinea Jack and Fanny Collins; married Joseph Caburrus.
25. Chaney (Matilda Caburrus Blount), daughter of Matilda and Joseph Caburrus, married Thompson Blount.
26. Matilda
27. Old Sucky (Susan)
28. Young Suck (Susan Blount), married Granville Collins.
29. Suck Elsy (Susan Littlejohn), daughter of Peter and Elsy* Littlejohn.

* the given name of the mother was generally carried by the children of field hands.

Compiled by Dorothy Spruill Redford