For Educators

Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site recounts the story of the last major Confederate offensive action of the Civil War. It is also the scene of the largest battle fought on North Carolina soil. For three days in March 1865, Union General William T. Sherman and Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston waged war, sustaining more than four thousand reported casualties. Many of the wounded Union soldiers were taken to a field hospital set up in the farm house of John and Amy Harper. Here, along with a smaller number of Confederate soldiers, their wounds were treated as the Harper family waited for the horror engulfing their home to end. The following information and curriculum activities will explore in greater detail this harrowing part of the North Carolina Civil War Experience.

This education program, designed for 8th grade students, is one in a series that provides comprehensive, site-based learning experiences concerning the state's Civil War history. The program is a stand-alone unit, but its value is multiplied when combined with one or more additional units. Each program contains at least one supplemental lesson plan. These plans work best in support of the on-site activities, but can also be used if a site visit is not possible.