For Educators

Bentonville Battlefield is the site of the 1865 battle of Bentonville, one of the last major battles of the Civil War and the largest battle ever fought on North Carolina soil. The site today interprets the history of the battle itself, the tactics and the people involved, Civil War medicine and the treatment of wounded soldiers, the broader story of the Civil War in North Carolina, as well as 19th century farm life. With such broad subject matter, there is no doubt students can take much away from a planned visit to our site.

Below are resources for educators whether you are planning an in-person visit, virtual visit, or a classroom lesson. The Field Trip Planner provides specific information for educators planning an in-person visit, including on-site activities, tracks, and more. It also provides more information on our Virtual Field Trip, available at Contact us for more information about a visit to the site or use of our Virtual Field Trip. 

Also listed below are lesson guides for crafting classroom lessons for 4th, 5th, 8th, and 11th grade students. Written by an educator, these should provide most of the information needed to conduct an in-class session about the battle of Bentonville and the Civil War in North Carolina. The final two lesson plans, covering Civilian Life and Slavery, are designed for 8th grade students.