For Educators

Perhaps one of the greatest assets to Guilford County’s historical and cultural resources is the Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum in Sedalia. Situated conveniently between Burlington and Greensboro, the Museum commemorates the work of Dr. Brown and exposes today’s students to student life at an elite Black boarding school in the 1900s. The Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum serves as a valuable teaching tool and provides students an opportunity to learn about North Carolina’s history with an emphasis on the education of African Americans. Students also explore the benefits and challenges associated with education during times of segregation and Jim Crow laws. Most importantly, the Museum depicts the evolution of the school Dr. Brown founded, Palmer Memorial Institute, from an agriculturally based education to one of academic rigor.

Students who come to the Museum may take a walking tour of the school’s campus, visit Dr. Brown’s home, view artifacts related to Palmer Memorial Institute, and participate in a variety of educational activities. Modifications can be made for any age or grade level and all field trip programs meet current curriculum standards. Lunch accommodations are available for field trips.

The staff at the Charlotte Hawkins Brown Museum looks forward to meeting you and your students. For information on pricing, availability and field trip scheduling, please contact the staff at or 336-449-3310.

History of Black Education in NC Teaching Guide