map of migration routesWhen war began, North Carolina leaders fortified the coast against possible invasion. However, unprotected western frontier settlements were considered at risk from Native Americans friendly to the French until the construction of Fort Dobbs. Thereafter, during periods of extreme danger, colonists occasionally left their homes and camped near the protective log walls of the fort.

Were your ancestors here? Did they follow the Great Wagon Road? Please check the following listing of Fourth Creek settlement property owners between the years of 1750-1762. If you have documentation regarding your own ancestors in the Fourth Creek area during that period, we would appreciate hearing from you. Contact us today.

Fourth Creek Settlement Property Owners 1750-1762:

Alexander, Allen
Allison, Adam
Allison, Andrew
Allison, Robert
Allison, Thomas
Archibald, John
Archibald, William
Barry, Andrew
Black, David
Bowman, Hugh
Bowman, William
Carson, William
Cavin, Robert
Cavin, Samuel
Davis, Joseph
Edwards, John
Edwards, John Col.
Elliott, George

Erwin, Christopher
Erwin, George
Erwin, William
Fleming, John
Fleming, Peter
Hall, George
Hall, Hugh
Hall, James
Hall, Thomas
Harris, Samuel
Ireland, John
Ireland, William
Jack, John
Lawson, Roger
Leech, John
Lewis, Richard
Lindsey, Walter


McCulloch, John
McDonald, George
McIlwaine, James
McKee, John
Miller, James
Mordah, James
Mordah, John
Morrison, Andrew
Morrison, James
Morrison, William
Oliphant, John
Potts, James
Potts, John
Reed, Alexander
Reed, Andrew
Reed, George
Reed, Robert
Reed, Samuel

Robinson, Michael
Robinson, Richard
Roseborough, James
Simonton, Robert
Simonton, Theophilus
Simonton, William
Sloan, Fergus
Stevenson, William
Thomas, Jacob
Thornton, Samuel
Waddell, Hugh
Watt, James
Watt, William