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Welcome to the Virtual Governor Aycock Birthplace! Use this page to access video content related to our site. These resources are perfect for educators, students, or anyone wishing to explore Aycock Birthplace from the comfort of home.

Preparing a Horse for Plowing

William S. Hagans, interview with Lisa Henderson

In this video we explore the fascinating life and times of William Scarlett Hagans, who was a resident of Fremont, NC and the secretary of Congressman George Henry White - the last African American congressman from the South until the 1970s.

James Hunter Young

Learn about the life and times of James Hunter Young (1858-1921) who was a prominent African American soldier, statesman, and activist from North Carolina.

3rd North Carolina US Volunteers

Learn about the sinking of the USS Maine, and the raising of the only all Black regiment in the south during the Spanish American War, the 3rd North Carolina United States Volunteers (USV)!

Historical Medical Practices

Learn about medical practices from the 1800s.