undated plantation list of enslaved people's names

Do you have a family connection to Stagville?

Stagville has an extensive African-American genealogy program, focused on tracing the families and descendants of enslaved people from the Bennehan-Cameron plantations. Descendant surnames connected to Stagville include: Amey/Amis, Bennehan, Cameron, Dunnegan, Edwards, Hart, Haskins, Henderson, Holman/Holeman, Justice, Meaks, Peaks, Reavis/Revis, Sowell, Turner, Umstead, Veasey, Walker, and more. This research is based on primary source documents, oral histories, and family records. To date, we have documented over 3,000 enslaved people and their descendants connected to Stagville. 

We also have geneaology information about the Cameron and Bennehan families, as well as family information for plantation overseers, including the Turrentine, Piper, Southerland, and Bobbitts families. 

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Our staff offer free services to descendants to help research family history, record oral history, assist with materials for family reunions, and digitize and archive your family photographs! Stagville is committed to making our site and its history as accessible as possible for all descendants. Reach out to learn more about options for partnerships, private tours, descendant events, resources for family history, and more.