Rootstock Information

Rootstock Variety B9 G202 M7 MM111

Where Rootstock Was Developed

Russia Geneva, NY at Cornell University England England

Type of Rootstock

Dwarf Semi-Dwarf Semi-Dwarf Semi-Dwarf

Mature Height

6-10 ft, depending on pruning 12-14 ft, depending on pruning 14-16 ft, depending on pruning 15-25 ft, depending on pruning

Bearing Age

2-3 years 2-3 years 3-5 years Around 5-7 years, sometimes more

Root System

Weak Moderate Moderate Strong

Fire Blight Resistance

Good Very Resistant Not Good

Low Suckering

Yes Yes No OK

Good for Espaliering on a Post and Wire Trellis


Can be planted 2-4 ft. apart

No No No

If Free-Standing, Does the Tree Need Permanent Staking

Staking for the life of the tree is recommended Yes No No
How Far Apart Should Trees Be Planted If Free-Standing? 5 ft. minimum, more if desired 9 ft minimum, more if desired 12 ft minimum, more if desired 18 ft. minimum, more if desired