The Calhoun Papers

The extensive research Lee Calhoun compiled when writing his book, Old Southern Apples and its 2nd Edition, Old Southern Apples: A Comprehensive History and Description of Varieties for Collectors, Growers, and Fruit Enthusiasts, is archived and available for public review at:

     Creighton Lee Calhoun Papers on Southern Apples
     The Southern Historical Collection
     Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library                                                                                         
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    Access the finding aid

The collection includes Lee and Edith Calhoun’s notebooks with original letters from apple collectors around the South, annotated research files, old nursery catalogs and reproductions of notes from 19th century pomologists on southern apples. The collection consists of twenty-two boxes of archived materials. These documents are in the process of being digitized, but are currently only available by visiting the collection.


A Recording of Lee Calhoun

“The Orchard of Last Resort” : A Conversation with Lee Calhoun, introduction by Diane Flynt.  This article and video record Lee Calhoun as he describes the background for his book Old Southern Apples. The video was filmed at Horne Creek Farm's Southern Heritage Apple Orchard.

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