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Welcome to the Virtual Bennett Place! Use this page to access virtual content related to the site. These resources are perfect for educators, students, or anyone wishing to explore Bennett Place from the comfort of home.

The Road to Bennett Place

In this video Ernie Dollar, Director of the City of Raleigh Museum, explains how the two armies lead by Sherman and Johnston end up at the Bennett Family Farm.

The Bennett Farm

From 1846 until 1880 the Bennett Family resided on this farm in Orange and Durham Counties in North Carolina. In this video staff member Ryan Reed discusses the layout of the remains of the Bennett Farm and how each building would have been used by the family.

The Bennett Place Parlor

The Bennett Parlor was home to James and Nancy Bennett. They resided on the farm from 1846 until 1880 and in April of 1865 the negotiations for the largest surrender of the American Civil War would take place in their home. Ryan Reed gives a more detailed account of that meeting.

The Raleigh to Hillsborough Road

Bennett Place was the site of the largest surrender in the American Civil War. The surrender negotiations took place between William T. Sherman and Joseph E. Johnston on April 17th, 18th and 26th of 1865. Site staff member Ryan Reed gives a brief overview of the history of the Raleigh to Hillsborough Road and its important connection to Bennett Place.

Bennett Table

In this video Ryan Reed introduces you to the table was used by the Generals on April 26th 1865. The negotiations for the largest surrender of the American Civil War were prepared on this table inside the Bennett Parlor and the table is currently on loan from the Bennett Family.

The Witness Tree

In this video Ryan Reed introduces viewers to the Witness Tree. The tree fell over in 2016 whenever Hurricane Matthew moved through North Carolina. This tree is believed to be the only remaining tree that was on the property whenever the generals made their negotiated peace in April of 1865.

Bennett Cemetery

Adjacent to the Bennett Place is the Bennett Family Cemetery. We unfortunately do not know how many family members were buried on site besides the three marked graves which consist of Charles and Sophia Bennett (James Bennett's brother and his wife) as well as William Bennett (James Bennett's nephew).The next time you make your way to Bennett Place please do not forget to visit the Bennett Cemetery.

The United States Colored Troops

Earl Ijames is a Curator with the NC Museum of History in Raleigh, North Carolina. In this video he discusses the role of the United States Colored Troops during the American Civil War.

The Largest Surrender of the American Civil War

Ryan Reed is a Historic Interpreter at Bennett Place. In this video Ryan will discuss how Sherman and Johnston negotiated the terms for the largest surrender of confederate forces at the end of the American Civil War.

Emancipation to Juneteenth

Vera Ceselski is the Site Manager at Historic Stagville. In this video Vera describes how the end of the Civil War impacted the enslaved population with the event we now celebrate called Juneteenth.