For Educators

Schools and Tour Groups

One of the most fascinating times in our American history was the American Civil War. We welcome schools and tour groups to visit with us and experience what life was like in Piedmont North Carolina during 1861-1865. We strive to provide an insightful and educational experience for everyone.

Group Reservations

  • Due to the limited space throughout the property and the buildings we do require that groups of 10 or more wishing to visit make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance so we can accommodate your needs. Reservations can be made by phone at 919-383-4345, email (, or by on-line reservation form. Reservations done by e-mail or on-line reservation are not confirmed until you receive approval by a staff member either by return e-mail or phone call.
  • If for any reason your plans change due unforeseen circumstances, please contact the site staff for cancellation or rescheduling. This will allow us to coordinate staff and volunteers prior to your visit.
  • We can accommodate groups as large as 100 people at a time, but require that groups of this size be divided in to 3 groups (approximately 33 per group) prior to your visit. We will then rotate the groups through the museum gallery, theater presentation, guided tour, and living history program if requested at the time of the reservation.
  • We ask that groups try to arrive at least 15-20 minutes in advance of their scheduled tour. If you plan to be late, please contact the site staff as soon as possible.
  • During your visit we do ask that you be considerate of other visitors by staying with your group at all times.
  • We have a picnic area with picnic tables and benches. If your group would like to have a snack or meal following or prior to your program please let the staff know at the time of your reservation to guarantee use of this area.
  • We encourage groups to take home a souvenir or keepsake from our gift shop. These profits go toward the continuing educational programming and preservation of this historic landmark.
  • Depending on the time of year you visit with us, please make sure to dress appropriately. Bennett Place is a 40 acre park with indoor and outdoor exhibits, historic buildings, and nature trails. Long pants and closed toed shoes are highly encouraged.

Special Programs we offer:

"Life of a Civil War Soldier" - recommended for students 5th grade and up.  Learn about what life was like for a soldier during the Civil War.  Costumed interpreters dressed in both the Union and Confederate uniform will discuss how civilians were turned into soldiers.  They will discuss basic drill maneuvers, what equipment a soldier carried, what life was like in camp, the weapons they used and their uniforms.  At the conclusion of the program there will be a weapons demonstration.  Minimum number of students for this program is 10. Duration: allow 2 hours. Includes orientation film and guided tour of the farm. Cost: $1.00 per student, $2.00 per adult.

"Life on the Home Front" - recommended for students K-4th grade.  Learn about what life was like on the family farm during the Civil War.  Students will learn about how families dealt with food shortages and substitutes, the increased cost of basic items, the importance of food preservation, learning lessons at home, and basic chores.  Minimum number of students for this program is 10.  Duration: allow 2 hours. Includes film "Sarah's Farm" and a guided tour of the farm. Cost: $1.00 per student, $2.00 per adult.

"Orientation Film & Guided Tour" - this is recommended for those with a limited amount of time.  Students will watch one of our films (Dawn of Peace or Sarah's Farm) and take a tour of the historic farm with a guide.  Sarah's Farm is recommended for students K-4th grade.  Dawn of Peace is recommended for students 5th grade and up. There is no minimum number of students for this program.  Duration: 1 hour.  Cost: FREE

"Annual Civil War School Days Program" - this annual event takes place in April.  Dates will change from year to year.  This program is designed for public, private and homeschool groups to come out and learn about both the military and the civilian aspects of the war from costumed living historians.  There will be stations set up in the historic area for students and adults alike to meet and listen to reenactors discuss different topics such as how soldiers marched and drilled, the flags of the Civil War, the postal system, the medical system and much more. Reservations are required.  Please contact the Bennett Place staff to make your reservation and for more information.  Cost: $1.00 per child and $2.00 per adult.

Please specify which program you would like when making your reservation.

Museum Etiquette

Bennett Place is a unique and valuable historic treasure for all of us to enjoy. We ask that you please follow these guidelines during your visit to help us preserve our heritage for many years.

  • We ask that you do not touch any of the original artifacts throughout the museum and historic buildings.
  • Please do not sit or lean on any of the original furniture throughout the museum and historic buildings. Designated areas for sitting have been provided throughout the park property. Staff and volunteers will instruct you to where seating areas are if you need to take a rest during your visit.
  • We strongly encourage questions and comments during your tour. However, please wait for the appropriate time to ask questions so as not to interrupt the tour presentation.

Special Note

Please let us know in advance if we need special permission to bring weapons (reproduction Civil War era muskets and swords) in to your facility or classroom. Our staff are fully trained and certified with the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Historic Sites and Properties Administration to handle and use 18th and 19th century firearms for presentations and black powder firing demonstrations.