Troops in NC at time of Surrender

Organization of the Armies

During the time of the surrender negotiations at the Bennett Farm in April 1865, the Federal Armies, which consisted of more than 90,000 soldiers under Major General William Tecumseh Sherman, were encamped primarily in and around Raleigh with some advance troops marching westward. The Confederate Armies of some 30,000 soldiers under the command of General Joseph Eggleston Johnston were positioned from Hillsborough to Greensboro and even as far south as Salisbury and Charlotte when the final surrender papers were signed. President Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Cabinet members were temporarily headquartered in Greensboro, but had fled southward by the time the surrender process was completed.

This Organization of the Armies (26 page document) provided by Mark Bradley, author of the book This Astounding Close: The Road To Bennett Place, includes the regiments, their commanders, and the locations they were stationed at the time of the surrender.