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Welcome to the Virtual Fort Dobbs! Use this page to access virtual content related to the site. These resources are perfect for educators, students, or anyone wishing to explore Fort Dobbs from the comfort of home.

Battle of Fort Dobbs

Watch the battle from the Provincial and Cherokee perspective.

The Life of Hugh Waddell

Join us for a look at the life of Hugh Waddell. From his beginnings in Ireland to his military service in North Carolina to his untimely death at age 39 in 1773. Waddell was NC's first officer to rise to the rank of General.

"From the Ground Up": The Reconstruction of Fort Dobbs

A video produced by our partners at GL Wilson Construction about the effort to rebuild Fort Dobbs.

Virtual Tour

Uniforms of the North Carolina Provincials

In this video, we overview the uniforms worn by North Carolina Provincial troops like those garrisoned at Fort Dobbs. NC Provincials also participated in actions in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia during the French & Indian War.

North Carolina Militia and Provincial Arms

In this video, we look at the weapons used by North Carolina's militia and provincial soldiers during the French and Indian War.

Equipment of the NC Provincials

In this video, we look at the equipment carried by the NC provincials on campaign.

Virtual Field Trip

A series of videos exploring the history of Fort Dobbs and the lives of the people living on the NC frontiers during the French and Indian War allows students to visit digitally.
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The Garrison Garden