Jason Bowen's Favorite Cider Apples

Jason Bowen's Favorite Apples for Cidermaking

pink and yellow mottled apple
Hewe's Crab
Hewe's Crab
  • Most celebrated apple in the South for making cider.
  • Great flavor.
  • Great keeping ability.
  • Jason likes its keeping ability.
  • Tree bears a good crop each year.
  • Flavor has a snap to it.
  • Known as a major cider apple in New Jersey.
  • Likes its sweetness.
Winter Jon
  • Ripens late (usually November-December).
  • Rates well in terms of high sugar and tannins.
  • Sub-acid with a flavor uniquely its own.
red and yellow apple with brown spots
Edwards Winter
Edwards Winter
  • Good flavor
  • Juicy
  • Sub-acid
  • Ripens in late September or Early October