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Virtual Field Trips
Are you looking for interactive and engaging virtual experiences for your students this fall? How about a virtual field trip where your students can travel back in time to Mecklenburg County in the early 19th century?

Join us to learn what life was like when the future president, James K. Polk, was a boy living on a farm near today’s Pineville, North Carolina. He spent the first decade of his life here with his parents, Samuel and Jane, four siblings, Jane, Lydia, Franklin, and Marshall, and at least four enslaved people, including Luce and Violet. During the field trip, students will see the historic structures, examine historic artifacts, observe demonstrations, and learn through prompted question and response with the historic interpreters.

Each field trip option highlights inclusive discussions of the lives of children and adults, free and enslaved people, wealthy and yeoman farmers, women and men.

Each virtual field trip is a 30 minute face-to-face interactive introduction to one of the key themes our site highlights. You can select from the following options:

  • a discussion of historic cooking, food ways, and chores in the Historic Kitchen House
  • a discussion of domestic life, sleeping arrangements, and toys in the Main House
  • a discussion and demonstration of what fibers were used to make cloth, fiber processing, spinning, and dying in Fibers of the Backcountry
  • or a discussion of militias, military, and hunting in the Long Rifle Firing Demonstration (limited availability)

Cost: $1.00/student.*

*Minimum of $20.00 charge. Contact Assistant Site Manager, Kate Moore, with questions.

In-Person Field Trips
(Please note that in-person field trips are not available as of the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester. The following information is relevant for when we resume in-person group visits to the site.)

A field trip to the President James K. Polk State Historic Site is both educational and interactive! While visiting our site your students will learn about President Polk and what life was like in the backcountry when Polk was a child.  During their visit, students of all ages can gain a more concrete understanding of 19th century life through tours of our two fully-furnished log cabins, demonstrations of skills like musket firing and hearth cooking, or a scavenger hunt in our exhibit space. 

Each of our standard school tour options are tailored to specific grade levels, are linked to key standards, and can be customized based on what you know your students will benefit from the most.

Charge: Basic School Tours- $6.00/student.* STEAM program- $10.00/student.

*Minimum of 10 students or $60.00 charge. Rate reductions available for Title 1 schools and those using Arts and Science Council funding. Additional charge for add-on experiences may apply. Contact Assistant Site Manager, Kate Moore, with questions.

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Classroom Resources

We offer three traveling trunks to supplement the educational needs of teachers in your own classroom. Each trunk focuses on a different aspect of social history related to our site and the region's history.  Please contact Assistant Site Manager, Kate Moore, for additional trunk information.

19th Century School Day
Recommended for K-4th grade classrooms

Early Settlement of Mecklenburg County (1740's - 1770's)
Recommended for 4th & 5th grade classrooms

Life on the Farm
Recommended for 3rd-5th grade classrooms