Tasting Apple Butter, Jams, & Preserves

Time: 30 minutes (more if there is a large group involved)
  • jars of apple butter
  • apple butter
  • apples preserves and fresh apples
  • sliced white bread
  • table knife
  • napkins

Have two volunteers for each of the items being tasted.  Have them pass out paper plates and napkins to each child. Spread jam, jelly, and apple butter on slices of bread, then cut into small samples.  Have the helpers serve the items.

Ask all of the children which they preferred: apple butter, jam, or preserves. Also ask them why the chose a particular item. After completing that portion of the tasting, give them a slice from a fresh apple. Quiz them on which they like better, a product of the apple or the apple itself.

At the conclusion of the activity have the children help with clean up.